The countdown for the holidays has started: have we done and got everything? Here is a list of 10 important things to do before you leave.

The long-awaited holidays have finally arrived. Under the sun of a beach in the Caribbean, a tour in Andalusia, discovering cities of art: no matter where we go. Finally it is our moment: we are leaving and can relax and forget about work, anxiety and tiredness.

Our journey finally began and just then, in our mind, an annoying thought creeps in: “Did I turn off all the lights at home? Yes, certainly yes, I always do it “. We try to repress this idea, to tell ourselves that we have done everything but it is already too late. “And the microwave? The house could burn! And the medicines that could be used during the trip? What if they lose my checked baggage? ”
There is an endless series of doubts and paranoia and we promise ourselves that next time we will prepare a list of things to do, which we never do.

Let’s see together what is appropriate and useful to do before leaving for a trip.

  1. Documents. Check that all the documents necessary for the journey are valid and in case of renewal (identity card, passport, visa, any other necessary documents). Make a photocopy of all the documents to take with you for further security.
  2. Prepare the suitcases correctly. In particular, if we travel by air it is necessary to check first that the suitcases respect both the measurements and the weight indicated by the specific airline. Also you need to pay attention to liquids in your hand baggage. Liquids above 100 Ml can not be carried in carry-on baggage. As a result bring a small transparent bag with you that can hold small 100 Ml containers.
  3. Electronic objects. Bring with you the various chargers of phones, cameras, tablets, PCs, navigators.
  4. Telephone operator verification. If you are traveling abroad, contact your service provider and inquire about rates and offers for calling or surfing the internet.
  5. Medicines and vaccinations. If you are traveling in tropical countries you need to be informed in advance about mandatory or recommended vaccinations. It is also necessary to remember to take some generic self-medication with you. If you are taking medication routinely, you should check that you take enough with them for the duration of your trip.
  6. Medical insurance. Always check before leaving if it is appropriate to stipulate an additional medical insurance.
  7. Guides, maps and GPS. Take guides and maps with you that could be useful during the trip. If you travel by car remember to prepare the navigator and check that the maps are up to date
  8. Leave home tidy. Remember not to forget food or rubbish (we do not want to find nasty surprises on the way back). Disconnect any utilities, power outlets, gas, water.
  9. Weather. It is advisable to check the weather conditions and temperatures. This may be useful especially to consider the clothing to be carried in a suitcase.
  10. Hotel. We are looking forward to the departure of our hotel so that we can better organize your arrival.

Did you do everything? So now you just have to leave peaceful and enjoy your holidays!